How to Donate to the DSA Biobank

Take the first step today. Get started by sending an email to and schedule an appointment. It’s easy, and there is no cost to you.

Who Can Donate?

You can contribute to our biobank if you are:

  • 3 years old or older and living with Down syndrome
  • The biological parent of a child who has Down syndrome
  • A brother or sister of a sibling with Down syndrome

Participant Requirements

  1. Fill out a self-assessment health questionnaire
  2. Submit a blood sample in the comfort of your own home*


We do collect samples such as saliva, tears, and feces as well. But blood samples are the primary sample collection and the most in need by researchers.

*A third-party laboratory service will come to your home to draw your blood sample. Or you can visit one of our participating locations in person.

You can call (614) 362-3441 or email to understand what option works best for you.

Email and schedule your appointment.

Additional questions or concerns?
Please contact us by emailing:

Breakthroughs Begin With You

Our 5-year goal at DSA is to collect up to 500 blood specimens and related health data from individuals with DS and their immediate families. These samples are crucial to advancing translational research that will yield improved diagnostics and therapies for people with DS.

Please join us in making a contribution to help us reach our goal!