Our Mission

A Healthier Future for Those Living With Down Syndrome

We believe the research we do today will result in healthier lives tomorrow for people living with Down syndrome. DownSyndrome Achieves envisions a future with decreased health complications for people living with Down syndrome. We work to ensure that people with Down syndrome can maximize their potential and lead healthier, more active, and independent lives. To achieve our vision, a profound level of Down syndrome research is critically needed. We believe we can achieve this critical and fast-paced level of research by promoting our DownSyndrome Achieves (DSA) Biobank at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (Ohio). The DSA Biobank is the first biobank of its kind to catalog, store, and openly share donated biosamples from those living with Down syndrome and their associated family members.

Our Timeline

Explore how we began and how we continue to evolve as a non-profit organization.

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