About DownSyndrome Achieves

We envision a future where people living with Down syndrome are free of health complications. Success for us is when those living with Down syndrome have preventative care against life-threatening medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease, childhood leukemia, and damaging heart defects. Our goal at DownSyndrome Achieves is to do this in two ways:

  • Support families and make it easy for them to personally participate in our research efforts
  • Supply researchers with biosamples from our DSA Biobank at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to further develop breakthrough treatments and therapies for those living with Down syndrome.

Learn how DownSyndrome Achieves was inspired by the personal journey of Lito Ramirez and his son Cal, who has Down syndrome.

Read more about our outlook on the future of Down syndrome and explore our history and achievements.

Learn how we’re helping families and kids with Down syndrome.

Discover how researchers can use the DSA Biobank for life-changing clinical studies.

Meet our partners who are helping us grow by supporting our mission to champion Down syndrome research.

Meet our passionate team members at DownSyndrome Achieves, who help us impact the lives of people with Down syndrome.

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