Helping Researchers Improve Down Syndrome Health Outcomes

We are a valuable and trusted resource. With our DSA Biobank, researchers have access to high-quality, well-annotated, and broadly consented biospecimens to advance scientific discoveries in Down syndrome research. These findings can benefit those living here in the United States and abroad.

Down Syndrome Research

Clinical studies of Down syndrome are underrepresented. We want to change that. By raising awareness in the medical research community, we will generate more Down syndrome clinical studies. For example, DownSyndrome Achieves had the opportunity to help Dr. Dimitrios Karamichos in a recent study by supplying him with the biosamples he needed.

“For years, I wanted to study why Keratoconus dystrophy is so prevalent in many adults with Down syndrome. I searched and searched for help in getting me the blood specimens I needed just to do a small starter study, but always came up empty. I was ready to give up my interest in studying Keratoconus and DS until I came across DownSyndrome Achieves and their DSA Biobank. Because of their help and support in acquiring the blood samples we needed, my co-investigator and I were awarded an NIH grant that allows us to conduct such research that is both deeply personal and fascinating. It is the first of its kind in decades.”

– Dimitrios Karamichos, Ph.D.

High-Quality Biosamples

The DSA Biobank is an open resource for researchers. It’s a central repository of biospecimens from individuals with Down syndrome and their family members. In order to drive clinical and translational Down syndrome research, it’s crucial to have high-quality human biospecimens such as blood, plasma, DNA, and RNA. Our DSA Biobank houses these specimens.

Down Syndrome Clinical Studies

As a researcher, you can request access to our biobank. People with Down syndrome can live healthier lives, but we need you to help make it happen.

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