Improving Quality of Life with Research

DownSyndrome Achieves supports research that spans various disciplines associated with health conditions that impact people with Down syndrome. DSA aims to advance our understanding of the genetic, neurodevelopmental, cognitive, and many other health-related aspects of the condition. Our ultimate goal is to improve health outcomes and the quality of life for individuals with Down syndrome and their families. Optimizing clinical management, preventive care, and supportive interventions for individuals with Down syndrome is the main goal behind our initiative. DSA aims to support researchers stepping into basic, translational, and clinical science. We know that by supporting science, we can enable the ability for more treatment options to support the various conditions implicated in Down syndrome

Ethical Norms

Ethical norms for scientific research in Down syndrome must be upheld in all circumstances as they are paramount to ensuring the protection of participants’ rights, dignity, and well-being. 

DSA functions with informed consent of participants and protects the privacy and confidentiality of participants’ personal and health information. DSA Biobank ensures research priorities, goals, and outcomes align with the needs and interests of the Down syndrome community.

Research We Promote

Our DSA Biobank does not support, under any circumstance, research seeking to inhibit or prevent the conception or birth of people with Down syndrome.

The type of research we promote is to uncover scientific findings that enrich the lives of both those living with Down syndrome and our general population. We are transparent about how our samples are collected and the rights of those participating. We have respect and utmost care for our Down syndrome community and look for researchers sharing our same values and ambitions.

As a researcher, you can request to use our biospecimens in your upcoming study. Request Access.

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