Researcher FAQ

The DSA Biobank collects a wide array of biospecimens, including blood and blood byproducts, saliva, cheek swabs, and tears. Our team will work with collaborators to secure the specimen specific to your research needs. We are currently supporting several funded studies with plasma, serum, DNA, RNA, saliva, and tears.

Our biospecimens are collected and processed following rigorous standards that safeguard quality.

Each participant is given a globally unique identifier (GUID). This is a pseudo-random number used to identify a user account. It links participant survey responses and medical information with the biospecimens collected.

All samples collected and stored at DSA Biobank are broadly consented to by each patient; assent is also obtained, when applicable. Our samples are available to any researcher seeking to improve the health and well-being of people with Down syndrome through research initiatives consistent with our research philosophy and ethical standards.

Absolutely. We believe collaboration is critical to advancing our understanding of Down syndrome in a meaningful way. Email us at to learn more about our full slate of services Also, find out how we can help support your sample collection needs, healthcare questions, and unique processing methods.

No, there is no cost.

You must complete the required information on our biobank request form and submit it to be reviewed for approval before getting access to our biobank specimens.

Complete our Biobank Request Form to request biobank specimens in an upcoming study.