Helping Families

You’re not alone. At DownSyndrome Achieves, we want you to feel heard, encouraged, and informed.

Down Syndrome Is Familiar to Us

It’s part of our day-to-day lives. Read our story about the president and CEO of DownSyndrome Achieves, Lito Ramirez. DownSyndrome Achieves was born the day Lito became a father to Cal (his youngest son who has Down syndrome). Lito did what parents do when they learn their child has Down syndrome: He actively sought answers. After learning more about Down syndrome, Lito identified a critical need for additional research and knowledge. He hoped to improve the quality of life and future outlook for his son and for all people living with Down syndrome. DownSyndrome Achieves exists to do just this. Many others at DSA have their own personal stories to share. Several members of the DownSyndrome Achieves Board of Directors and staff have unique connections to Down syndrome. We are not alone.

Down Syndrome Research Is Important

Those with Down syndrome potentially face multiple medical problems. By the age of 40, the majority of individuals with Down syndrome will develop the pathology of Alzheimer’s Disease. At a young age, they may be affected by childhood leukemia, epilepsy, and other conditions.

Research and a deeper understanding of the causes of these life-threatening conditions will help us rewrite the outlook for our loved ones with Down syndrome. Advocating for Down syndrome-related research leads to the discovery of breakthroughs that impact those with Down syndrome.

Take Action

At DownSyndrome Achieves, we bridge our research community with our community of families living with Down syndrome. Above all else, we aim to improve the quality and longevity of life for individuals living with Down syndrome. We believe that discovering and enacting improved therapies through clinical studies will improve the lives of people with Down syndrome. With participation from families like yours, we will uncover better and more effective Down syndrome treatments. Learn more about how you and your loved ones can contribute to our DSA Biobank.