General Recruitment for the following sample type: Blood

WHO:  Individuals with Down syndrome, age 3 years or older, and their immediate family (parent or sibling).

WHAT:  A research study to provide biological samples to basic science researchers in effort to promote research in Down syndrome health conditions. Participants will be asked to complete a health questionnaire, and submit a blood sample (If you are an individual who does not like blood being drawn, this study may not be for you).

WHERE:  In the comfort of your own home. A third-party laboratory service will come to your home to draw your blood sample.

WHY:  Researchers sometimes have a difficult time obtaining biospecimen samples for their research. This effort is designed to help researchers access samples needed for their research studies so research in Down syndrome can advance quicker.

HOW TO GET STARTED:  Email to schedule an appointment, and for more information. 

What are the Benefits of Participating in Research?

To take an active role in society by furthering our understanding of the social, health, and behavioral challenges families living with DS may face daily. You have the power to help turn those challenges into positives for other families.

• To contribute to the advancement of research that can make life healthier for people with DS, and accelerate the timeline for scientific discoveries in years rather than decades.

• To improve the well-being or quality of life of your loved one with DS by arming you with more information and treatment options.

What are your Rights if You Participate in Research?

If you or a loved one with DS chooses to participate in research, you have the legal right:

• To give your consent or permission to participate in the research study

• To be told the purpose of the research study

• To be told of the possible risks or discomforts you may experience if you decide to participate

• To understand how your personal information will be kept private

• To withdraw from the study at any time

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